Holiday season ahead!

Hello, Friends!

Like I promised in the last blog, we very successfully ran two giveaways and dished out two wonderful toys as little mementos of our success for our growing fanbase. One we designed in collaboration with our lovely Telegram Friends, while the other we decided the details on and handed out to one lucky winner on Twitter. Thank you all for participating so very much!
Having said that, it's time we made a "1000 Twitter Friends" toy to be given away. Only twentysomething to go now until the big 1000, so the growth has been rapid, and we're very happy about that.

We've also published two XL toys: Nico and Aurelius! This week (Friday!!) we'll be releasing an XL Kisu, and very soon Daddy-Dog will follow. So keep your eyes peeled for those :)


Now, to address the holidays. We've dropped a load of autumn and Halloween - themed toys, so get yours now while you can! We've added a TON of extremely unique and intricate base art for quite a few to REALLY help us stand out from the rest in having an "us" thing to be known for - and the reception has been incredible!


In other news, we're working hard getting ready for Christmas. We'll be doing two limited edition, seasonal toys. More info to come.

We're ALSO working hard on releasing our first masturbator, Taiga. She'll be out very soon.

Additionally we're working on releasing another dildo before the end of the year - a full time member of our lineup. Kisu already gave a little hint on his diary of what might be coming... :)

Be seeing you,