Frequently Asked Questions

We are always open for our standard customs. They can be found here.

If you want something more specialised (colour matching, hand painted details, drips, usual techniques) we are often open for full customs. We add slots in most drops and availability can be checked here.

All of the painting we do is with the exact same silicone that our products are made of. We have a thickening agent that can be added to paint on the inside of moulds before the toys are poured into them.

Everything is done within the pot life of the silicone, so that the painting bonds fully with the product and won't ever peel away from it.

We can. If you saw something we have made in the past then we will be able to remake something very close to it (they are hand made, so small changes happen).

The only exception is if it was designed by a customer who doesn't want it recreated.

We love getting to do unique pours that people have designed and they can be ordered as full customs.

We don't made new models designed by customers though, as creating new models is a VERY time consuming process.

We don't do any customs based on underage characters, illegal content, drug use or politics.

We reserve the right to turn down pours if we are uncomfortable with them.

You don't need to create one to order from us.

If you want to create one, then you can check on your past orders and it will auto-fill your address when checking out. This can make buying newly added inventory faster if you're worried someone else will get there first.

Silicone products aren't difficult to maintain, but they do need treating right.

We have a care sheet that will take you through it and if you ever have any questions, you can always contact us.

Inventory will be sent within a week.

Customs are sent after they have been made. Customs and featured pours normally take 2-4 weeks to be made, though this varies during busy times of the year.

When selecting your shipping method you will see an estimate of the time the shipping will take. You will also receive a tracking email when your product is sent.

All our dildos and strokers come with a Tiny Toy representative version. These are just fun decorations.

All orders also come with a logo sticker and sometimes other promotional goods.

If your order hasn't been sent yet, then we can make any changes to it. Just contact us and we will sort out the details with you.

Once an order has been posted, you will need to refer to our returns policy if you want to make changes.

We use Posti and Asendia to ship our goods.

Posti is the Finnish national postal service and offers several different shipping methods, depending on country, with final delivery being made by the national post in your country.

Asendia is managed by the French and Swiss postal services. They offer cheaper and slower postage on light parcels by combining shipments between countries together.

For full details, go here.

Yes! We ship to the UK.

We are also UK VAT registered, so there are no limits on the value of the order and you won't have to pay VAT when it arrives in the UK.

We accept returns that are made within 14 days so long as the products are still in their sealed bags.

Full policy can be found here.


All parcels are plain brown boxes. The shipper is listed as KnF with an email of, so that our website cannot be seen on them.

If customs invoices are needed, then the products are listed as "silicone model".

You can reach out to us via our website here or by directly messaging us through our social media (e.g. X or Bluesky DMs).