Affiliate Programs

Everyone can join and help spread the word about Kisu and Friends!

Just choose the program below that suits you best.

Invite a Friend

Our Friend of a Friend Program lets you earn store credit with us when you share your link with Friends.

Everyone (18+) is welcome to sign up and you can choose when to cash in your earned credit.

5€ store credit per referred sale

Sign up!

Content Creator Program

Our Content Creator Program is aimed at those who already have a substantial online presence and are looking to work with us to earn money.

All applications are reviewed individually.

Earn 15% commission!

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Affiliate FAQs

1. Sign up to the program that best suits you.

2. You'll get a link that is unique to you.

3. Someone uses it and a cookie is put on their browser.

4. If they buy from us within 30 days, you get your reward.

It can be shared any way you want! You can simply give the link to people you know, share it on social media or combine it with ad banners and images.

Friend of a Friend Program: You receive 5€ store credit every time someone makes a purchase that is worth at least 20€ (not including tax or shipping).

Content Creator Program: You receive 15% of the value of any sales made (not including tax or shipping).

Store credit can be accessed at any time from your affiliate account page. You can choose how much to use and create a coupon of that value.

Bank transfer and Paypal payments (Content Creator Program only) will be paid to you once per month, during the final week of the month. They are only paid if the amount owed is 20€ or greater. Otherwise it will simply keep accruing.

The application only takes a few minutes to fill in and we review applications as fast as possible, usually approving them within a few days.

This program is for anyone with a platform to advertise our products on. This could be toy reviewers, bloggers, cam models or influencers with an interest in the field. There is no required number of followers, but we are looking for those with an active presence. We want to work with those who have an open and inclusive attitude towards safe and fun times.

We will try to add more as and when we can, but if there is anything in particular you would like, or any sizes you want images in, just drop us a message here and we will try and add it.