Toy Advice

Hand-poured toys

Here are the things you need to know before committing to buy a hand-poured silicone toy. They are a 100 % handmade items, made with liquid silicone, which means that every single item will be unique and different; the colouration will be in the style you've chosen, but there's no way we can make exact replicas of something you may have seen elsewhere.

No custom order toy nor drop toy will have any defects more than a slight aesthetic glitch on the shaft or base. The bottom surface may have little blemishes such as small air bubbles or wonky colouration. It's up to us to decide whether or not they're major enough to require re-pouring.

Any toy with minor physical or aesthetic defects will be sold as a flop. Any toy with unacceptable defects will never see the light of day; we will never intentionally sell a toy that could be dangerous to use.

How to choose a toy?

While we produce a thorough size chart with each toy listed, we know it can be difficult to choose the correct size and firmness, let alone between all the optional extras, so here are a few helpful tips to help you on your way.

Size matters

We produce toys in all sorts of shapes and sizes, the biggest ones being quite an impressive sight to behold. The ratios of the head, shaft, knot, and usable length all link with one another and it's down to your best judgement to decide what you want of your toy. For example, if you can take a chunky knot but aren't very practised with depth, try a chunky but short toy like Aurelius.

Intention of use

What's your intended use for the toy? If you fancy plug-like toys, our very own Daddy-Dog with its bulbous knot is your choice. If you're into riding your toys, a more tapered design may be right for you, or you might want to consider adding a suction cup as an optional extra for some added grip. Top tip: attach a toy with a suction cup onto a wall and try using it standing up.

Form and function

Sometimes it's a lot of fun to just have a toy that's easy to use with minimal effort. While the bigger sizes can prove an excellent challenge for even the most experienced users, you may also want to consider a smaller size in spite of knowing you can handle bigger. Due to the reduced weight and the way they fit in your hand, the smaller ones are much easier to use in all sorts of creative positions.


The firmnesses we use for our dildos are 00-20 for extra soft, 00-30 for soft, 00-50 for medium, and A10 for firm. Additionally, we also have an A40 as an extra firm silicone for our Paw Paddles.

As a rule of thumb, the firmer the toys is, the less forgiving it is. Firm toys have very little give and all the little textures and nodules will feel much bigger and rougher in contrast to soft toys and, as such, are generally preferred by more experienced users. However, there’s a little more to it than just that: The size and shape of the toy also matters a great deal. Small toys naturally have more give to them whereas large toys are more rigid, and this correlates to the way they feel as well. A large toy made with soft silicone will have a similar feel to a small toy made with a firmer silicone.

Some toys with top-heavy designs - such as Nico - made with soft silicone may have trouble standing up on their own due to the softness of the toy while firmer toys tend to stand up better. Similarly, small toys made with soft silicone may be a little tricky to use because the combined effect of the small size and soft silicone make them extra squishy - but then they're also very forgiving for less experienced users.

Ultimately it is up to you to decide what you want of your toy; do you want smooth sailing or a rough ride? Depending on your experience, you might be able to handle a large & soft toy with relative ease, but the same toy in firmer silicone may pose more of a challenge.

If you're unsure, why not order a batch of our Firmness Pucks before investing in a full toy? They're a great and affordable way to get a feel of the different firmnesses. Or for an impromptu game of ice hockey - whatever catches your drift!