About Us


Mathematician and nerd, Tom handles the modeling, website, printing and social media. He specialises in hand-painted details and our signature base art.


Star of the KnF lineup, Kisu makes friends, explores the world and brings back all the stories that our designs are a part of. In his mind, he also does all the hard work. :P


Sexologist, Simo handles the creative design and world of KnF, model smoothing and all the paperwork. He specialises in speed pouring lots of toys all at once.

More than a maker

From the very get-go, we've wanted to bring the party to everybody - proudly and unembarassed. With our Friends community, everyone can participate and everyone is welcome to join. We're expanding our vision from just appealing looking and functional products to full-blown characters and stories behind every toy we make.

Aiming to please

Our goal is to produce top quality products for an ever-growing, ever-demanding market.

We pride ourselves on our customisation and detail, passing on our expertise to you.

That perfect Finnish

Designed, sculpted, and handmade in our studio in Finland, no shortcuts are taken.

It's tricky and time consuming, but we love our work and you deserve the best!

Safe, sexy, fun!

Everyone is welcome and we encourage openness, communication, and accountability.

Everything is 100% body safe, made of platinum-cure silicone and cosmetic grade pigments.

The art

Helping out with graphics design of all sort, we have Drake. He's created a lot fo the full images and social media details we use.

Twitter: @Y0ku_Drake

BlueSky: @drakethecat.bsky.social

Tumblr: Drake

Much to our delight Ilpå joined the team as Kisu’s first illustrator, sketching the original Friend's pictures.

Twitter: @smudge_tool 

Fur Affinity: Ilp0

Joining our ranks for Christmas 2021, we have Naruse. She illustrated Pyry and Nuutti for us, as per Kisu’s elaborate descriptions.

Twitter: @ArtNaruse

Fur Affinity: Narusewolf

Making the amazing stickers of Kisu and his friends, we have Meryiel. They have captured each of our beloved characters in full-colour for the first time.

Twitter: @MeryielArt

Fur Affinity: Meryiel