About Us

The founders

After years of contemplation, extensive research and preparation, Kisu and Friends was founded in early 2021 by Simo and Tom, a couple living in Finland. Joining forces with their (completely not imaginary!) feline friend Kisu, the company serves as an outlet for the cat to get his stories published and for the two lackeys to implement their handcraft skills, bringing Kisu's friends to life in the most exciting ways imaginable.

The artist

As the concept became clear, we sought out the best artist around to begin visualize Kisu's stories and creations and to get creative insight from an artistic perspective; that's when Ilpå joined the team. All the amazing art on the site and on Kisu's diary is illustrated by her.

If you want to see more of her work, follow her at

Twitter: @smudge_tool

Fur Affinity: Ilp0

More than a maker

From the very get-go, we've wanted to bring the party to everybody - proudly and unembarassed. With our Friends community, everyone can participate and everyone is welcome to join. We're expanding our vision from just appealing looking and functional products to full-blown characters and stories behind every toy we make.

Aiming to please*

At Kisu and Friends, we redefine quality with our artisanal range of products. Offering a growing range of customisable fantasy sex toys - shipped worldwide - our goal is to produce top quality products for an ever-growing, ever-demanding market. From vast experience, we know what quality truly means in modern toy making and, with that in mind, we can pass on our expertise to you.

* = Pun not intended

That perfect Finnish

All of our toys are designed, sculpted, and handmade in our studio in Finland. The detail and effort we put into making our toys really goes the extra mile - no shortcuts taken. How do we do it? Simple & honest elbow grease. It's hard, time consuming, finicky, frustrating, and incredibly tedious work, but at the same time we couldn't live with ourselves knowing we're not making full use of the potential that is there when working with products like these.

Safe, sexy, fun!

Gone are the days of dark and greasy back alley - pun still not intended - sex shops; we welcome everyone with open arms. All our toys are 100% body safe, made from the best platinum-cure silicone and cosmetic grade pigments available. Much like our products, we are a safe and friendly company to deal with. We highly encourage openness, communication, and accountability in our every day work and we promote open dialoque between us and our Friends.