Story of Kisu and Aurelius' first meet here!

Name: Aurelius [ɔːreɪliəs]

Pronouns: he/him

Gender: Male

Species: Golden jackal

Age: Early 20’s

Height: 167 cm

Build: Comfortable.

Wardrobe: Boots, thick jeans, durable flannel shirt, flat cap

Naughty wardrobe: n/a

Occupation: Farmer

Hobbies: Vintage cars (and going for drives on them), DIY jobs, long strolls around the countryside

Personality: Gentle, mild, jovial, sage

After hours: Often spends his after hours in the garage, fixing things - but it’s also a place where happy “surprises” happen with him.

Other: Moved to Finland somewhere around 2019. Has few friends, holds them dear.

Aurelius is a soppy, chunky boy. He's a natural countryside dweller and likes his own space, often spending hours and hours on long walks around his farm. The many streams, forests, and fields of the area provide exactly the sort of environment Golden Jackals like, and he's no exception. Aurelius prefers an idyllic and intimate countryside setting but it is possible to lure him out to the big city as well, if the reward is worth the hassle.