Daddy Dog

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Name: Technically unknown for now; he’s known only as Daddy or Daddy-Dog [dædi: dɒg]

Pronouns: he/him

Gender: Male

Species: Doberman (Anthro, plantigrade)

Age: Early to mid 40’s

Height: 193 cm

Build: Average plus; there’s definitely a little muscle under there, but his body also shows signs of years of good living. Despite his species’ natural slim characteristics, he’s more a “bear” type, really, and has the gut to show for it.

Wardrobe: Casual: Light jeans, button-up shirts, tie, suit jackets, a pair of brogues. Formal: Suits, briefcase

Naughty wardrobe: Jockstraps, chest harnesses, collars

Occupation: Unknown

Hobbies: Walking, active in local sex/erotica scene, cooking, cigar & wine aficionado

Personality: Caring, somewhat reserved, thinks before he does

After hours: Masculine, dominant, pretty dirty and kinky. Loves spanking and making his subs lick him all over.

Daddy is quite outgoing and youthful in terms of personality, but he's not the sort of guy who'd get himself in trouble or do something reckless - rather, he's more a friendly, open, knowledgeable kind of guy. A teacher type, if you will. He's quite careful about the way he portrays himself - not when it really comes to looks or anything, but more about him as a person.