Daddy-Dog Model Info

Our Daddy-Dog model is the top dog in canine related toys. Daddy-Dog has a pair of big, plump balls as a steady base for the shaft to rest on. The knot has a bulbous and prominent shape, and has plenty of space between it and the sheath for you to spend countless of hours locked in with your new best friend with. Daddy's shaft is quite round in shape and mostly smooth, except for the veins on it throbbing away eagerly, just waiting to show you the love you deserve. The head is pointy and follows the general shapes of the rest of the toy, it being almost a mini-knot in itself. You'll feel it once it's in.

Daddy-Dog makes for an excellent riding toy thanks to its hefty base, and a great choice for those interested in knotting/tying. You can forget doing squats and lunges for those perfect thick thighs - just get yourself a Daddy!