Full Customs

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What is a Full Custom?

If you have an idea that’s out of the scope of what our Standard Customs can produce, fear not! By placing a Full Custom order, we can create almost anything you want.


During product drops, we also add Full Custom slots in our Inventory.

Here’s how it works:

Full Custom

You pick the model, size, firmness, and colours you want, as well as any other customisation options you wish. If you want hand-painted details or base art, you can send us sketches, pictures, video, music, or verbal descriptions as to what you had in mind, and we’ll make it all come true in squishy silicone glory.

If you’re not quite sure what you want but trust us to use our creative prowess, you’re not out of options!

Guided surprise

You pick the model, size, and firmness, and in addition you can send us an inspiration picture or mood board with an additional short verbal description as to what you’d like the toy to feature (such as “white drip,” “hand-painted detail,” or “base art”.) We will put our creative hats on and send you a calculated final price for what we’ve designed for you.

The price for all Full Customs will be calculated depending on complexity. Below you can find our Custom Option price chart.

Pour options

2.50 EUR per colour for ripple fades, marbles, and fine marbles

5 EUR per wet split, base pattern, and suction cup

10 EUR per hard split and drip

10 - 30 EUR for soft fade, depending on complexity

Hand-painting and base art per item


10 EUR for easy one colour and Norppa signature

20 - 25 EUR for complex seals

25+ EUR for very complex seals


25 EUR for very simple such as single colour cow spots

35 EUR standard

50 EUR complex

70+ EUR very complex

+ Base price of model

Full Custom orders are not subject to our returns policy. We do repour them when we feel it is necessary, but at our own discretion.

We reserve the right to decline any Full Custom order for any reason.

We will not create customs that reference any underage characters, drugs or drug use, politics, or anything else that we deem inappropriate or are uncomfortable with.

We currently do not offer Near Clear silicone.

If you’re unsure as to what we can and cannot do, feel free to send us a message at support@kisuandfriends.com and we can sort it all out for you!