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Name: Unknown for now, but he’s generally known as Kisu [kisu]

Pronouns: he/him

Gender: Male

Species: Eurasian lynx (Anthro, plantigrade)

Age: Late 20’s

Height: 175 cm

Build: Light and sleek - like you’d expect from a feline

Wardrobe: T-shirts, Always a bandana around neck (colour and style varies), jeans or shorts, sneakers - pretty casual

Naughty wardrobe: Likes knee-high socks and arm warmers, wears them sometimes

Occupation: Kisu is the brains and the de facto owner of Kisu and Friends.

Hobbies: Photography, traveling, writing, reading

Personality: Loving, happy-go-lucky, shiny, curious, sharing

After hours: Up for anything, loves trying new stuff, generally open and encouraging about everything and doesn’t mind sharing stuff like past experiences or tips & hints with friends.

Kisu is naturally the genesis of Kisu and Friends, being the founding member and manager of the team. He likes to not bask in the limelight himself, but rather leads his team from the back through his invigorating stories and true passion towards the art that is dong making.