Kisu Model Info

Kisu sports a pointy head, and on the face of it looks like quite a gentle one to play with. It's designed to glide in with relative ease, but don't be fooled; this cat's no walk in the park. The very instant the head slinks in, you'll squeal in pleasure as you get the first hit of those rumply-bumply barbs on the side of the head grinding away at your most sensitive bits. A cluster of barbs continue down along the shaft as well, so whichever way you decide to go now - up or down - Kisu will most certainly show you what he's made of. Once in deeper, the barbs will keep rubbing against all the best bits too, leaving you hungry for more.

The overall shape of the toy is a touch pointy-uppy and the base, while sturdy, isn't very wide, so it's an excellent toy for riding and it's easy and comfortable to hold for some hands-on action. In Kisu, you get a nifty, easy to use, low risk, high reward, all-rounder of a toy.