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Name: Nico [nikɒ]

Pronouns: he/him

Gender: Male

Species: Finnhorse, anthro, plantigrade

Age: 39 (looks younger)

Height: 185 cm

Build: Toned, dexterous, built

Wardrobe: Workout: Tracksuit bottoms (sweatpants), trendy trainers, tight-fitting t-shirts, sports sweater. Casual: Chinos, trendy trainers, plaid shirts, denim jacket, trendy hats & sunglasses

Naughty wardrobe: Riding crop, blindfold

Occupation: Self-employed (personal trainer)

Hobbies: Sports, fitness, social media through self-employment

Personality: City slicker, casual, light-hearted, trendy

After hours: Likes nightlife & clubbing but is a teetotaler, is very versatile; a jack of all trades

Other: Takes pride in his beautiful long hair

Nico is the type you'd see hitting just the right clubs just at the right times; always relevant. He's a dependable fellow, whom people tend to rely on and come back to, years and years on.