Learn how Kisu met Nuutti here!

Name: He’s known as “Naughty” by the general public, but his real name is Nuutti [nu:t:i]

Pronouns: he/him

Gender: Male

Species: Pagan Finnish Nuuttipukki - style goat (Anthro, unguligrade) 

Age: 666? Unknown?

Height: 195 cm

Build: Big and broad in appearance, but not muscular; quite boney and lanky; “scary” looking. Hunched back.

Wardrobe: Fur coat that’s turned inside out, birch bark mask, old fashioned boots, worn down trousers

Naughty wardrobe: Vitsa (birch rod). Likes a good vitsa to spank furs with.

Occupation: Groundskeeper at Santa’s village: Used to be a big influencer but since the world began favouring the shiny, polished version of Christmas, he was “retired from service” and now works at the village all year around.

Hobbies: Going door to door, being pesky!

Personality: Despite his appearance, he is actually very nice. Sage and respected in his community. He’s like the grumpy old man next door that everyone’s afraid of - but then it turns out he’s a real sweety.

After hours: Horny goat!

Among all of Kisu's Friends, Nuutti is quite the lovable rogue of the pack. Inside that rough outer shell lies a truly caring and sweet heart, but that is only if you're deserving of it and have been nice enough - or is it naughty? That is up to him to decide.