Paw Paddles Model Info

Based on a certain experience Kisu had with Daddy-Dog, the cat created a canine Paw Paddle to let all his Friends have a taste of what it was like. But what's a world without matching opposites? That's why he also created a feline Paw Paddle!

These toys feature long handles that are easy to grab. Depending on where they're held, the paw-shaped paddles generate enough momentum to leave just the right impression on anyone's bottom. Due to the length of the handle, the paddles are quite floppy and flexible, but rigid enough with a good deal of weight to them so that, when used correctly, the snapback effect creates a whip-like crack as the paddle connects to its target. This means that once you get the technique right, these paddles pack a big punch absolutely effortlessly.

Be naughty. See what happens.