Puzzle Hunt

Are you ready for a challenge? Well, you've come to the right place! At Kisu and Friends, we have a puzzle that needs solving. And no, it's not your typical jigsaw puzzle or crossword. This puzzle is a bit more... stimulating.

To celebrate the release of Rhei, we are setting a puzzle hunt challenge. The first person to solve all five puzzles will win 250€ of store credit!

Each of the puzzles will also give a discount code for 5% OFF, which can be combined together for a total of 25% OFF!

How it works

- The puzzles will be released in Kisu's diary. The first one can be found here.

  • The first two puzzles will be released October 26th @20:00 EEST.
  • The next two puzzles will be released October 27th @20:00 EEST.
  • The final puzzle will be released October 28th @20:00 EEST.

- The Puzzle Hunt will be up and active (and the discount codes working) until the end of November.

- The first person to send us (via email or the contact form on our site) all five answers will win the store credit.

- You can work with others if you want, but only the email address used to send all the answers will receive the prize.

- Each of the puzzle answers will be a discount code usable on our site. You can check your answers to these by trying them out on the cart page.

- Each puzzle is a stand-alone challenge. You don’t need any of the previous answers to solve new puzzles.

- The discount codes use all capitals and don't use spaces. If there are multiple words, join them together. e.g. If the answer was "Kisu is awesome", then the discount code would be "KISUISAWESOME".

- The answer lengths (to help you out and check them) are as follows:

  • Student name: 10 letter word
  • Where: 7 letter word
  • When: 4 letter word, 4 letter word
  • What symbol: 11 letter word
  • What to think: 4 letter word, 3 letter word, 13 letter word

Happy solving and good luck!