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Name: He’s known as “Nice” by the general public, but his real name is Pyry [pyry]

Pronouns: he/him

Gender: Male

Species: Santa’s reindeer (Anthro, unguligrade) 

Age: 121 (For one of Santa’s reindeer, that’s like a young adult)

Height: 155 cm

Build: Slight and sleek, lithe little thing, but with zero body fat; everything that’s there is 100% muscle (however he’s not mucular per se; he’s toned, like an otter)

Wardrobe: Warm christmas attire! Big furry boots, thick red coat, big fluffy mittens, comfortable scarf, etc.

Naughty wardrobe: Full X harness

Occupation: Nuutti’s assistant at Pajakylä Santa’s village. All the reindeer get assigned different jobs around the village before they’re experienced enough to even apply for more important positions. Working under Nuutti is sometimes considered a punishment... But it’s the sort of “rags to riches” moment like you’d see in a film; it seems like an impossible undertaking, but if you do well, you’re the hero!

Hobbies: Sings and plays the guitar in the village band. 

Personality: Looks sweet, IS sweet. Is a little clumsy, and it’s adorable. Always optimistic, always chirpy, always has a solution to any problem. Will please you, whether you like it or not!

After hours: When it comes to naughty stuff, he can be a little sheepish and unsure but it’s easily overcome with some friendly compliments and positive reinforcement.

Pyry is the spirit and essence of Christmas. He's the guy that always has at least Christmas socks on, and always has multi-coloured strings of lights somewhere in his seasonal abode. Call it over the top, call it whatever - it is adorable.