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Name: Rhei [ɹeɪ]

Pronouns: he/him, she/her, they/them

Gender: All and none

Species: Elemental dragon

Age: n/a

Height: Huge, but has shape shifting capabilities

Build: Quite sleek and fluid and "soft" for a dragon

Personality: Mysterious, philosophical, gentle - but ruthless if crossed

After hours: All hours. Eager to spread their "philosophy" on those who manage to locate them

Other: Responsible for change, movement of things, fertility

This mysterious dragon, once found, is pleasant company if you're nice to them but, much likewater as an element, can be ruthlessly deadly if not given the respect they deserve...
They offer insight and alternate views. Often liking to speak quite philosophically or even in riddles; more often than not, they aim for one to find the answers within themselves.