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Name: Taiga [taɪgə]

Pronouns: she/her

Gender: Female

Species: Drake (Small dragon, feral)

Age: Mid-20’s

Height: 158 cm

Build: Quite sleek and toned, light build in terms of structure. Her genes, being a drake, make her naturally pretty athletic.

Wardrobe: n/a

Naughty wardrobe: n/a

Occupation: n/a

Hobbies: Keen naturalist, healthy living, being out in the wild

Personality: Trickster, daring, dependable, loyal

After hours: She likes teasing and jovially frightening campers out in the woods; it’s her way of connecting and communicating. Those who can figure out her true intentions are blessed with her affection and can become her true friends for life.

Other: Hibernates

Taiga's truly wholesome and lovable personality shines through when you get to know her properly. However, until you do, she can be quite mischievous and pesky.
She has access to knowledge about myths and legends only matched by The Great Library of Alexandria - with the difference that she's still around to share that knowledge.