Toy Care and Safety

The propeties of our silicone

It is an incredibly durable material in that it stretches and many times its own size and offers that luxury feel to boot, but it's certainly not keen in coming into contact with any sharp objects or abrasives such as knives, rough edges on storage containers, sharp teeth, or claws (yes, claws!) Once it rips or nicks, it's only going to get worse, and you should discontinue the use of a toy with visible damage on.

Deceiving as it sounds, platinum-cure silicone is never to be used with silicone based lubricants. Platinum-cure silicone should also be kept separate from non-compatible materials such as latex, PVC, or jelly. Should it come into contact with any such products, it may degrade, become tacky, deform, or pick up undesired colours or odours. Under no circumstance should you use a contaminated product.

Cleaning your toys

So the big day finally arrives and you've received your toy. Hold on a little longer though! While we thoroughly sanitise all the toys we dispatch, we highly recommend you give all your toys a once over before and after every use, including the very first go. You can clean your toys by either;

washing them with soapy water;

boiling them in water for 5 minutes;

submerging them in a 10% bleach solution for 30 minutes;

or by running them through a high-heat program in the dishwasher (without any dishes or detergent in).

After cleaning, remember to rinse your toys thoroughly and simply let air dry in a dust-free environment.


Store your thoroughly dried toys in individual plastic bags or a designated plastic container with a lid. Due to the risk of contamination, store platinum-cure silicone toys exclusively with other platinum-cure silicone products. Should you have toys of uncertain origin, avoid letting them come into contact with any of our toys. All our toys are safe to store together since we only use 100% platinum-cure silicone in our manufacturing process.

The propeties of our silicone

Cleaning your toys


How safe is silicone?

It's widely considered one of the safest materials in the sex toy industry. It's phthalate free, hypoallergenic, heat resistant, and latex free, so it can be used by people with latex allergies.

While it’s generally classified as a non-porous material, if you look close enough, technically it isn't so. However, it is non-porous enough that bacteria, yeast, or other nasties can’t cling on to it - but it can sometimes retain odours.

If you find your toy has a slightly chemical smell when you open the sealed bag it comes in, it's the remaining odour of the mold releasing agent we use. While we meticulously wash, boil, and air out every toy we make in order to make sure all the release agent is cleaned off and the toys are sanitised properly, sometimes some odours can be left behind - and if there are any odours whatsoever left in the microscopic pores of the silicone when the toys are put in our airtight bags, those odours are going to stay there. It should be noted that the toy will still be completely safe to use - it just has a funny smell that will air out in time.

It should also be added that some odours stick better than others. If, for example, you've cleaned your toy with a scented soap, it may pick up a great deal of that aroma. If you want that or don’t mind the smell, great. However, if you want to get rid of that lovely milk and honey fragrance - other scents are available - do not enclose your toy in an airtight container of any sort. Here’s what you should do instead:

We recommend washing your toy several times with an unscented soap and boiling it in water for 30 minutes, letting it air out for a couple of days.

What about the colours and pigments?

All the colours we use are considered either skin safe or cosmetic grade for use around the lip and eye areas. Liquid pigments mix in the silicone and become part of the cured product while powdered colour - or mica - is suspended within the silicone.

All the mica powder we use is carefully selected to fulfil our quality standards. It is a 100% natural product, the granule size is optimized to achieve perfect suspension, it's ethically sourced, vegan, and not tested on animals.