Add-On: Norppa
Add-On: Norppa
Add-On: Norppa

Add-On: Norppa

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Meet Norppa, our precious little Friend!

Once seen by Kisu on his boating trip, this endangered Saimaa Ringed Seal is a symbol for the purity of nature.

There is literally no limit to the number of seals that can be ordered. Get a million of them!

While the seals are made from body safe silicone, they are not intended to be used as sex toys. Instead, they are adorable squishy stress blobs - precious, squeezable, and fun Friends for all.

10% of all sales will be donated to the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association. Read more about their work here!


You will receive one random seal, in any colour and pour style.


You will receive one seal, in Norppa's signature pour. It will have a hand painted face and hand painted rings in a random pattern.

Small seal

3.3cm (1.3in) tall
8.0cm (3.1in) long
3.6cm (1.4in) wide

Large seal

4.9cm (1.9in) tall
12.0cm (4.7in) long
5.3cm (2.1in) wide